Approximate Size: 500,000 SF

While Google usually handles its IT engineering in-house, the tech giant needed some extra assistance with implementation for several of its buildings in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and surrounding cities. NETCOR Design Systems was selected to provide construction administration services in relation to IT implementation for these buildings. With a thorough understanding of Google’s global design standards for telecommunications, NETCOR was able to ensure that all its voice, data, and telecom was installed and integrated flawlessly.



Approximate Size: 100,000 SF

Project Description: For its facility in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, Citrix planned for open office space, private office, conference room, collaborative areas, and warehouse. NETCOR Design Systems was selected by Citrix to provide IT and AV infrastructure design, wireless, security, bidding and negotiation services, and construction administration services for this project.


Dolby Laboratories Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco

Project Team: NOVA Partners, Gensler Architects, DPR Construction, William Bradley Electric

Approximate Size: 360,000 SF at 1275 Market Street, SF

Dolby Laboratories and its project team enlisted the expertise and guidance of NETCOR Design Systems for its Market Street headquarters. The project consisted of high end IT and Engineering Physical Infrastructures to support the latest 10G, 40G, 100G and future 400G networks. NETCOR provided IT infrastructure design and construction administration for Dolby’s many conference rooms, offices, lounges, screening rooms, high end audio lab spaces and dual server rooms.  The entire team worked tirelessly to solve many existing building structural and physical limitations in order to fully meet and exceed Dolby’s high expectations.



Approximate Size: 5M+ SF

Cisco Systems has selected NETCOR Design Systems as its go-to IT and AV infrastructure design, documentation, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration provider for over 100 buildings internationally, including world headquarters in Silicon Valley, plus campuses in Canada, Central America, South America, and Bangalore. Our dedicated team has had an integral part in planning Cisco’s Class A office space, high density rack labs, bench labs, new product labs, and data centers. NETCOR is proud to continue to fulfill Cisco’s needs and serve as a key member of the technology powerhouse’s property development team.



Project Team: SC Builders, Cushman & Wakefield

Symantec needed expert guidance when it geared up to relocate approximately 600 racks from its Mountain View, CA data center to Santa Clara, CA. Careful coordination was required for Symantec’s data center relocation, as it was of utmost importance to keep Symantec’s existing systems online during the move to its new facility. NETCOR Design Systems provided IT infrastructure design and construction administration for this project.



Project Team: NetApp, Digital Realty Trust Cochran Electric and Strategic Connections

NetApp selected NETCOR Design Systems to assist with the design of its Data Center/Lab in the prominent Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This data center consisted of two phases of approximately 2,500 racks each in a pressurized cold aisle configuration. These two facilities are considered two the highest quality, reliable and efficient facilities in the United States. Our team has also worked extensively on NetApp’s Hillsboro, Oregon Data Center site and additional facilities nationwide. NETCOR Design Systems provided IT infrastructure design, documentation and construction administration services for these projects.



Project Team: Holder Construction Company, CH Reynolds, Intervision

Approximate Size: 100,000 SF

Apple needed some extra assistance with a dynamic signage installation in its parking structures, so it called on Holder Construction and its partners, including NETCOR, to help. Through collaborative teamwork and unrelenting troubleshooting, NETCOR and the project team was able to augment the existing system to create a robust network that supported the needs of the parking structure’s signage.



Project Team: CH Reynolds

Project Description: NETCOR Design Systems assisted Coresite with IT infrastructure design and documentation for its new facility in downtown San Jose. Areas of concern included the parking garage and associated fiber optic conduit routing throughout the building, as well as the roof antenna placement and routing systems. By way of thorough due diligence and detailed design, NETCOR delivered plans that allowed Coresite’s construction team to complete the job as prescribed.


Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Approximate Size: 65,000 SF

Relocating a business is never as straightforward as it seems – that’s why Onyx Pharmaceuticals selected NETCOR Design Systems to assist with tenant improvements for its new office in San Francisco, CA. It was important to get technology infrastructure correct for the cancer treatment development company before the first day of business. NETCOR Design Systems provided consulting for Onyx Pharmaceuticals, including IT and AV engineering, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration services. Onyx’s new building included office space, open cubicle space, conference rooms, and labs.


Visa Headquarters & External Offices

Project Team: CBRE, HOK Architects, Interior Architects, Swinerton Builders, William Bradley Electric

Approximate Size: 1M SF

Project Description: Visa’s headquarters in Foster City, CA required a strong team to complete over 1M square feet of development, design, and construction. This project required extensive IT Infrastructure design, construction administration with a strong emphasis on security for the bank card company’s headquarters. NETCOR Design Systems also provided these services for subsequent office developments, including Latin America Headquarters, Vital Processing and Services, Merchant Call Center, Hanger 9 Oakland, and Visa’s Data Center.



Project Team: CRE Group

Approximate Size: 176,000 SF

Telenav’s new facility in Sunnyvale, CA required extensive IT infrastructure design and project management. NETCOR Design Systems accommodated the connected car and GPS company’s needs, including full-service IT infrastructure engineering, bidding and negotiation, construction administration, and IT project management. The project team was able to successfully implement Telenav’s technology requirements, including careful work on the IT equipment room, network operations center, and office facilities.


Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT)

Project Team: CBRE, Access Communications

Approximate Size: 50,000 SF

When Taiwanese electronics maker FIT needed assistance with its relocation, NETCOR, CBRE and Access Communications teamed up to get the job done. Citing a history of inconsistent IT design, our team was up to the challenge to elevate FIT’s standards and get things running smoothly. NETCOR Design Systems provided IT and AV infrastructure design, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration services. Our team also provided network integration management to ensure that things were set up properly. FIT is now enjoying its robust distribution network for offices, labs, security, and its data center in San Jose.


Franklin Templeton

Approximate Size: 300,000 SF

Financial institutions like Franklin Templeton have strict data requirements that they must adhere to in order to keep their clients’ information secure. NETCOR Design Systems is proud to have worked with Franklin Templeton on several projects for their office in San Mateo, CA. Throughout the years, NETCOR has worked with the company to develop AV standards and specifications, IT infrastructure programming, design documents, construction documents, bidding and negotiation services, and construction administration services. Our team has also assisted Franklin Templeton with its data center expansion, and subsequently, its relocation.